Innovative Technology Accelerator

The societal upheavals and rapid technological developments currently taking place require new answers for how to shape the way we live together and how to strengthen our social cohesion.

GEOS Enterprise, through the company’s network of Universities, research centers and renowned scientists, as well as its ability to connect businesses, industries and investors has developed an Innovative Technology Accelerator program, a framework for a successful and long-term technological strategy for Italy’s research and High-Tech solutions.

The project works as an incubator that explores options for boosting innovation through research and development funding, offers opportunity for market penetration and exposure to attract investors and entrepreneurs to remove the entrance barriers for research and innovative technologies from the industries, government agencies, corporations and decision makers.

The Innovative Technology Accelerator strives to advance research involved in innovation and geared to the needs of the people, for example in the areas “Health and Care”, “Sustainability”, “Climate and Environment Protection”, “Energy”, “Mobility”, “Urban and Rural Areas”, “Safety and Security”, “Economy and Work 4.0”, and empower them through a development and maturation process that would turn them into leading solutions for industries, infrastructures, firms, territories and the “Homeland Security Ecosystem”, in Italy and globally.

If you want to finalize or empower an innovative research or technology, connect with us and contribute to the synergic development of the HIGH-TECH STRATEGY program.


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