Protect your import business

Trade with China with all the advantages typically reserved for large enterprises.

Cost-effective, Safe & Secure!

GEOS Enterprise, by means of a world leading partner and technology, offers a unique full service China risk disclosure, which enables an enterprise to estimate exposure and identify the different risks it might encounter from dealing with Chinese companies.

By building an entire universe of the stakeholders surrounding the company and their China affiliation, our service will identify the different immediate and future potential risks our clients encounter.

Our platform composes the report by retrieving data from over 50 different data sources in real time thus providing the most updated information.

Among the 300 information features provided: past and current court cases, investments, financials, ownerships, directors and UBO, KYC, IP and ESG infringements, trade, licensing and much more.

  • Deposit Loss Recovery
  • Non-Delivery & Fraud Protection
  • Shipment Delays Coverage

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