(photo by NASA – The Earth’s Limb Above the North Pacific Ocean)


The process leading to the human colonization of space is inexorable and a growing global business.

The many forthcoming space missions represent a new Era, a great challenge to human capabilities and a boost for innovative forms of economy and business opportunities. Within a few decades commercial flights will allow touring in low-Earth orbit, humans will be stationing on the Moon and will be operating from there to establish permanent bases on Mars.


(photo by NASA – Spacewalkers Behnken and Cassidy)


Human space exploration is increasing the need for solutions to service astronaut habitat, support their physiological, health and performance needs during future long-duration missions beyond low-Earth orbit. Structures, products and technologies are needed to sustain biological and physiological adaptations to spaceflight for crewed missions to the Moon and Mars.
Soon human space transportation systems, commercial flights and space tourism will be an affordable opportunity, requiring the implementation of low-Earth orbiting hotels and resupplying logistics.


(photo by NASA – View of the SpaceX Crew Dragon and Japan’s HTV-9 resupply ship)


The Human Space Exploration is one of the industries with the highest growth trends, consequently GEOS Enterprise’ Space Economy Network strategy entails to:

  1. Involve the Italian terrestrial supply chain in the Space Economy
  2. Enhance innovation, research, knowledge and technologies developed in the context of terrestrial supply chain from which they originated, to have the capability of being transferred into Space – “SPIN-IN”
  3. Support partners through the process of launching innovative projects, developing high-performance technologies and products
  4. Cooperate with the territory to attract new investments, infrastructures, expertise, professionals and business opportunities

The Made in Italy brand products, globally associated with top quality, high specialization and innovation, strong links to experienced and famous Italian industrial districts of excellence, can play a formidable role in the Space sector, boost the national economy, enhance Italy’s soft power in international cooperation and global security.



Enhance your knowledge and skills to enter the space market

GEOS Enterprise, in partnership with Italian research centers and international experts, have created a program dedicated to professionals and managers who want to enhance their skills to enter the space market. The research program analyses the main issues related to financial investments, European funds, values and development trends of the space economy in the world. The program exploits and analyses the requirements of systems, materials, technologies, medicine, nutrition, architecture, navigation, communication, information, and any other structure or function needed in the environmental conditions of space sites and space warfare.


To join our Space Economy Network or for more information please contact us at space@geosenterprise.com


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