GEOS Enterprise global consulting capabilities can provide big data & analytics, data driven dashboards, applications development, and information management necessary to minimize risk, explore opportunities for future growth and increase profits more effectively.

We provide intelligence, accelerate innovation and implement technology with extraordinary breadth and depth global insights into the big data, data driven dashboards, applications development and information management for organizations through combining unique, specialist services and high-level human expertise.

Our global, national and regional clients lead many potential markets.

Our top client interests are in: Internet of Things (IOT), Healthcare, Financial Services, Consultancy, Government, Energy, Education, Research, Engineering, Retail, Supply Chain, Ecommerce and Telecommunications.


  • Big Data & Analytics

    Data Mining, Statistical Modeling, Data Visualization, Social Analytics, Machine Learning, Insurance Analytics,
    Retail Analytics, and Healthcare Analytics

    Back-end infrastructure for integrating, managing, and securing data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale.
    User interfaces that enable people to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better
    Proven technology that can be deployed today, adapts to any domain, and produces operational results in weeks.


  • Application Development

    Data Driven Dashboards, BI Tools, Web App, Mobile App, Cloud/SaaS Web Apps, Custom Software and Ecommerce

    To help decision-makers to deep dive into data, data slicing and dicing, get real-time reports, forecast and get
    insights using data-driven dashboards, data visualization tools, and business intelligence tools.
    Our Application portfolio is focused on Experience, Accelerate, Simplify, Assure, Secure and Smart Applications.


  • Consulting

    Business Transformation, Information Technology Transformation and HR Analytics and Transformation

    Our consulting and strategic group offers Business Transformations, Information Technology Transformation and Human
    Resource Analytics Transformation.


  • Information Management

    Enterprise Information Management, Information Architecture & Strategy

    Our information management services arm you with the power to yield with enhanced support to business strategy
    through the “single view of data”, Clever insights through business analytics, and efficient regulatory
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