October 2020 –

In response to the Pandemic, the Italian “Confidence Consortium” submitted an innovative AI architecture project to contrast the disinformation and digital propaganda, enhanced by State and non-State actors with cyber and psychological infowarfare operations – in accordance with the NATO policy – to adopt disruptive information technologies to actuate the IEA- Information Environment Analysis.

A number of research activities (see for reference the NIAG studies “Adopting Big Data in NATO” and “Development of an Information Environment Assessment Capability with Advance Data Analytics”) have been developed, and the project presented by the “Confidence Consortium”, among 167 teams competing for the NATO Innovation Challenge 2020/1, was considered relevant to NATO, and could support the development of future NATO concepts, doctrine, standards, requirements, capability development, and will get stage-time at NATO-wide events.

GEOS Enterprise is very proud of being member of the Confidence Consortium, which is developing several research programs and is committed in the effort of fighting the disease, protecting citizens and beating disinformation.



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